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following back tons♡

Where it begins  by Paul Lavoie


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THIS! It’s so fucking true right now!


do u ever look at your life like “wow i have put so much effort into so many shitty people and now i dont know how to put myself first because each time ive ever came close to trying i was verbally abused and guilt tripped”

The Arabs say: tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are. Manners are contagious. If you mix with righteous people, you will find that you have picked up a lot of their good manners. It is rare that you would find someone who doesn’t smoke hanging out with smokers. When you are around positive and successful people, you can’t help but be positive and successful. If you are feeling down or low, those next to you can be the reason. Try to get a better people to be with and avoid bad friends because misery loves company!
Instead of telling me what they said behind my back, tell me what you said to stick up for me.


Fuck anyone who doesn’t appreciate the person you are & the things you do for them.

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